How many times has LeBron missed his playoffs?

How many times has LeBron missed his playoffs?

Complete overview of LeBron James career

LeBron James is a professional basketball player famous worldwide. He has gained fame and respect in this basketball career. There are many incredible things to know about this fantastic and highly-skilled player. In his career, he achieved numerous titles and got many victories to his name. This article is all about his basketball career. Along with it, we will also put our deep insights on how many times has LeBron missed his playoffs? Are you ready to explore with us LeBron’s basketball career success and related ups and downs? If you are a basketball lover and eagerly desire to know about this king of the kingdom. Stay with us and read every section, you will surely be admiring it.

He holds many top-class world records in his name. Furthermore, the NBA drafted him as the youngest player at the age of 18.

LeBron is a very skillful and professional player with unparalleled strength, height, and qualities of a pro player.  No doubt, he is on the list of the best athletes in the world. Let’s start our complete overview now without any delay.

How many times has LeBron missed his playoffs?

Indeed James is of the most amazing and among the well-rank players in the world of basketball. But he also gave some points where James was not according to the expectations of his fans and the association. These low marked points are both for on and off-court. In some of his seasons, he was not able to reach the main championship league.

Among the sixteen professional basketball seasons, 6 or fewer scenarios are there in which the team went low. Next, we will be looking for the leagues in which LeBron James misses the playoffs.

Final Sweep 2018

It was an unexpected game and the rounds were a great low in the career of LeBron James. It was the final of 2018, a sweep appeared in a very vulnerable condition of the Golden State Warriors team. Golden State went incredibly well with 12-0 through the playoffs of the Western Conference of 2017. It was before beating the Cavs in the finals game 5 times.

The whole series was the last for the Cavs played by LeBron James. Although the end was a sore note the upcoming 4 years were positive grounds for Cleveland.

Final Streaks, Ending the Lakers

The main aspect of this season was that James encountered 13 trips straight to the playoffs. Here 8 years of continuous struggle to reach the final of the NBE. In this time duration, James honored himself with three more titles.

LeBron James went with the extended summer vacation as he was not capable of moving up a significant list. Although it was not due to James that the Lakers did not reach the NBA finals. But James decided to leave the Cavs in Eastern Conference. At that time it seemed more doubtful.

Boston Celtics East Semifinals, 2010

It was a great battle, as two mind-blowing teams were in front of each other. The season for the Cavaliers finished very well. That James was winning his second MVP. This league was the top-ranked collection of talent. Because Boston was completely in the new form after his championship.

It is a matter of fact that Boston warmed up a lot against the Cavs-Lakers. As a result, the Cavs were only able to manage 95.2 points in every game. This ultimately leads to a good lead for the Boston Celtics. Consequently, Boston was successful to send Cleveland home in the second round of the game.

Dropping East Finals, 2009

After a proficient lead, it was seen that James and Cleveland would be back in the game for upcoming future years. As the previous year had a very heart-breaking effect on Cleveland. LeBron James achieved 66 victories. Additionally, it gained top seed in Eastern Conference.

Quitting in 2011 finals loss

It was the time when James and Miami had a wonderful chance to shatter all the hate. This was basically after the time of ‘’The Decision’’ when they got constant hate. But the time was not in the favor of LeBron James. James only scored 17.8 points and the ball returns 24 times in 6 games. This total point rate was less than the average score of four other team players.

Of course, after this loss in the finals, James did not go not depend on his image in front of the reporters. No doubt, during all his career LeBron James went very long personally as well as professionally.

Some facts about LeBron James

There is no argument that LeBron James is a big name in the zone of basketball. As mentioned before, James was the first-ever youngest player to play in the NBA. He was drafted at the age of 18. LeBron mostly shot with his right after although he is a left-hand player.

  • James was the Champion in 2012 and the NBA Finals MVP. Not stopping here, he was the NBA MVP numerous times in his professional career.
  • At his youngest age, he was able to acquire a triple-double in the playoffs.
  • In 2008 and 2012, he also won the Olympic Gold Medal, which was a great achievement in his career.
  • Another very top-class record in the name of LeBron James, he scored 40 points in the game. It was the record of scoring the highest points in the youngest age.
  • James is the player who scored an average of 26 points. Additionally, 6 assists over and 6 rebounds in NBA history.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the nickname of LeBron James?

The basketball player famous worldwide is also known by another name. His nickname is King James.

  • From where did King James originally belong?

The most skilled player of the basketball game belongs to Akron Ohio. James was born in 1984, on 30th December.

  • What is ‘’Decision’’ in the career of LeBron James?

LeBron is famous all across the globe because of this step. He made the ‘’Decision’’ to move to Miami. But eventually, he realized what he had done. So later he returned to Cleveland.

  • How many times did LeBron James go to the finals with Cleveland?

James successfully stepped into the finals ten times with Cleveland. Among them, 8 of them were consecutive from 2011-2018.

  • How many times did LeBron play in the Olympics?

Three Olympic appearances by LeBron have seen and also won 2 gold medals.


Summarising it, LeBron is no doubt a fantastic and unmatchable basket player. He won several victories and is still famous in the whole world. He made numerous records to blow the minds of people.

Although, he missed 3 playoffs in his career and it was a letdown in his career. But he stepped up and won many titles in the field of basketball. 


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