How to know if someone blocked your text now number?

How to know if someone blocked your text now number?


A detailed guide about Text now privacy policy for blocked contacts

We all know that the text now the app has numerous features that are right according to the needs of its users. One of them is blocking the contacts on your reader now account. It is entirely possible that a user can stop any of his communications to not receive calls and messages from that particular number. Today’s article is about knowing if someone blocked your text now number? In addition to it, we will see some other important sections that will remove all queries in your mind. For example, you will see that either a blocked contact can send you any message or voice Mails, etc.

 As you know, that text now app gives you a contact number. And you can use this personal contact number to make calls and messages to anyone. After downloading the app and registering their text now account, the users get this number.


After the text has assigned you your contact number, you can share it with your friends and connect to them in a very efficient manner. Now without any further ado, let’s discuss what happens when you call a blocked number? And the significant ways you can know that someone has blocked you from your contacts.

How to know if someone blocked your text now number?

Suppose you met someone and interacted well with each other. What will you do? You will exchange your contact numbers and start communicating with each other. But what if you do not get any calls and messages from that person instantly. The first thought that will pop in your mind is, did he block me?


Of course, this is the first question that will come to your mind. It is a specific query that many people want to know if someone has blocked them or not. Technically there is no possible way total if someone has blocked you from his contact list. Indeed it is terrible news for you, and also, it isn’t terrific.


But do not worry at all there is also good news for you. By looking into some of the aspects, you can get an idea about this confusion. Also, we will share our insights about How to tell if someone blocked your number on Android devices.


We are giving you three possible solutions to know If someone has blocked you or not. If you look carefully into all these aspects, you can also determine this query.

  • try to send text messages on the text now number
  • see how quick you get voicemails
  • Make a call from another phone number.

 By testing all these three solutions, you can quickly get confirmation whether that person has blocked you or not. Now it’s time to get into the details about every aspect.

 Try to send text messages on the text now a number. 

 Initially, you will try to send text messages on that particular number. If you are getting very few texts from that number, and with time, you get much delayed replies. Indeed, a time will come when you stop getting messages from that person.

However, sending text messages can give you some clues, but still, there is no confirmation for that. If you want to see blocked number messages, the scenarios are different for Android and iPhone devices.

 You will probably get a notification delivered saying that your text message has been sent to the receiver. Or you might see the “read” option. If not, that is self-explanatory. 

Hence you can quickly get a clue whether someone has blocked you or not.

 In Android devices, this feature is not present. However, you can get it on some of the advanced Android devices.

 While sending a text message, a completely different scenario also exists that prevents a text message from being delivered. If the recipient phone is in the do not disturb mode, the news will not rage on the other side. This makes things pretty difficult to check your status on different devices.

 For that, you can wait for two to three days and see whether your text message is delivered and read by the recipient or not.

See how quickly you get voicemails.

Assuming that can I leave a voicemail if I’m on someone’s blocklist? Checking how quickly you get voicemails is a pretty reliable way to determine that you are on the block list.

Generally, it will rain almost three to five times if you call someone.  

And when the person is not available or not picking the call, you get a voicemail notification.

Though it is pretty decent, it clearly shows that you are not on the block list of that person. And that person is busy somewhere and cannot pick your call.

 For that, you will record the message in the voicemail, and it will automatically be sent to That specific person.


On the other hand, if someone has blocked you, the time duration of getting a voicemail is concise. For instance, after only a single ring, you can hear the voicemail notification.

 In some cases, calling someone who has blocked will hear a few other notifications as well. Like “the person you are calling is not reachable” or “the person you are trying to connect with is busy at the moment.”

If these things continue for some days, you are on the block list.

Make a call from another number. 

 How to know if someone blocked your text now number? This is the most reliable and efficient method to check it. Make a call from another number and see whether that person is picking up the ring.

 You can also assume the number of ringtones you are listening to. Most people also question whether Can I leave a voicemail for someone who blocked me? So the answer is yes. You can send a voicemail to that person.

But this voicemail will directly go into another folder of blocked contacts, and the recipient does not get any notification.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it possible to send a voicemail if someone has blocked you?

Yes, it is possible to send a voicemail if someone has blocked you. When you make a call, after one or two rings, you hear the notification of voicemail recording.

2. I have an iPhone. Can I know someone has blocked me?

It is much easier to know whether someone has blocked you or not on an iPhone. Because you get the notification of “delivered” or “read”.


Summarizing our discussion, you can now quickly determine whether someone has blocked you on your text now a number or not by following these straightforward methodologies of How to know if someone blocked your text now number. You can get very reliable clues in this regard.


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