How to Watch Instagram Live Without Them Knowing?

How to Watch Instagram Live Without Them Knowing?

We don’t want an Instagram broadcaster to know we are watching their live session in some situations. It could be a friend or any other page that we don’t want on the viewers’ list.

In Instagram, there is no built-in feature to hide your identity while watching live sessions. A broadcaster will be notified on the live chat, watch their video, and join the live session.

6 Methods to Watch Instagram Live Without Them Knowing

Despite the lack of a built-in feature, there are some ways to watch live Instagram videos without revealing your identity.

Method 1 – Join Instagram Live in Rush

After 80 or 90 views, hiding your identity will be easy. When you join a live stream, a notification appears between the comments on the broadcaster’s window.

The trick is to join a live session after it has been mature and people join and comment.

You will likely remain anonymous if you do not react, respond, or leave a comment.

As a result of Instagram analytics, your name only appears once when you join live. The broadcaster can only see your viewership after that.

Method 2 – Use Third-Party Web Services

Various web services are available to watch someone’s public account, live streams, and evidence incognito. I think this is the best alternative to watch Instagram live anonymously.

A broadcaster should choose this option to save his live session like a story.

Here are the websites that offer these services.

Instagram Stories

It allows you to watch live sessions and stories of Instagram users without registering on the platform or service itself.

  • Go to the official website of the web service.
  • Type the username in the search bar field and press enter.
  • Now your relevant account will be ready to explore.

Stories Sig

If the above web service doesn’t work, do you still wonder how to watch Instagram live without them knowing?

Stories Sig is another website that allows you to anonymously watch Instagram stories and other content of any public account quickly.

  • You need to have one piece of information with the “username” of your desired account.
  • Go to the official website of the web service.
  • Type the username in the search bar field and press enter.
  • Now your relevant account will be ready to explore.
  • You can now press the circle to the featured story you want to see.

Method 3 – Watch Live Session via Telegram

The Telegram application is another social messaging app used for communication and group management. It has many advanced features compared to its counterparts.

With Instagram, you can view the broadcast while maintaining the secrecy of your identity. You don’t even need to log in to Instagram to use it.

We suppose that you already have installed Telegram and made your account. Let’s jump to the process now.

  • Go to the Contact section.
  • Touch on the search icon at the top upper right corner.
  • Now type “@ig Spybot” in the search bar.
  • Add the bot to the contact.
  • Click on the bot icon to start a dialogue.
  • Send the Instagram user’s nickname to the bot, which you want to watch.
  • Please choose the desired broadcast and enjoy watching it anonymously.

This method ensures 100% anonymity. Also, bots are misunderstood as safe to use; that is not true; using bots in Telegram is entirely safe.

Method 4 – Watch it on IGTV video

Once a live video session is over, Instagram users can save it as an IGTV video. You can watch their video without even knowing them if they have kept it on IGTV.

Method 5 – Watch it by New or Secondary Account

Although this is not an excellent solution, it can still be considered a good alternative. You can watch someone live using your secondary Instagram account without getting caught.

If you do not have a secondary account, you can create one quickly. Then you can sneak into someone’s story and live session using the new account.

Method 6 – Change Your Current Information

Once we set up our profile, most of us forget to change our name. You can edit your profile to your advantage.

To watch someone’s story or live session, change your name and profile pic for a bit, then go to their profile or click on their live session.


Can you view an Instagram live without them knowing?

Instagram has no built-in feature to do so. But you can use different alternative methods explained in our article to watch live sessions anonymously.

Does Instagram show when you watch a live show?

No, Instagram doesn’t show anyone that you are watching a live broadcast session. Only the broadcaster can see who is watching them live.

When someone starts a live broadcast, its followers get a notification to join the session.

Does Instagram notify your followers when you join a live show?

No, Instagram will only alert some users if a person or page they follow goes live.

Can a person tell I’m watching their live video if I don’t interact or comment on it?

No, they can’t know if you are watching their live video unless you comment on that live video.


Above were some tried and tested methods to watch Instagram live without them knowing. We are looking forward to sharing your go-to method to do it. Please drop your suggestions below!


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