How to put kt tape on the ankle?

How to put kt tape on the ankle?

Single way easy procedure and detailed overview;

Accidents happen and you never know how intense it could be. For that, the best precautions should be taken. There are numerous questions about its stability and trustworthy functioning. Also, it is useful to wrap your ankle with the kt tape.

In this article, we will be presenting to you how to put kt tape on the ankle? So if your ankle hurts due to any injury or misalignment we have a solution for it. Along with it, you will be getting beneficial recommendations to proceed further. So this is going to be a fantastic and information-loaded article. Settle down on your couch comfortably and start reading the article.

Before getting into the article, we like to shatter some of the people’s myths about the kt tape. Firstly, it is a completely safe and reliable thing.

That can potentially help you get relief from your sprain. Secondly, if the application of the tape is not right, it is of no use. Hence, we will first discuss the procedure of putting the tape.

How to put kt tape on the ankle?

Kinesiology tape usually called kt tape is used to stabilize mild injuries and align the bone. The tape helps in the rehabilitation of the bones and torn tissues. Additionally, the tape also helps in fixing the position of the bone right in its place.

Following the significant credential measures, the methodology to put the tape on the injured ankle is a technique. And not everyone is capable of doing it properly. Imagine if it is too tight, that it causes more pressure on the tissues and damages them. The other scenario is it is so loose that it is not even putting the required pressure.

In both cases, it is of no use to put kt tape on the sprained ankle. Next, we will be sharing a very easy yet effective technique to put the tape on the ankle. Let’s start with the step-by-step procedure.


The first step is to clean your foot or any part that you want to tape. The area must be clean, dry, and wound-free. It means there are no wounds, cuts, or injuries.

  •         After that, it is time to apply the kt tape. For your convenience, there are strips already in the markets to use directly. In this, you do not need to gather stuff for the pre-preparations. The market strips are almost 10 inches long.
  •         These ready-made strips go very long to grip the ankle strongly. Fully stretch the tape before applying it to your ankle.
  •         Now start applying the kt tape firstly in the vertical position. Start taping your ankle for 5-6 inches high.
  •         After you have applied the kt tape in the vertical direction. Now it’s time for the horizontal position.
  •         Some people also feel satisfied by putting another circle around the ankle. But it is not mandatory at all.
  •         The tape circling your ankle provides good support. This point holds good pressure as it is the connecting joint of the feet and the legs. So proper alignment and rapid rehabilitation are required.
  •         Keep in mind that when you are putting on the kt tape, do not be too hard which causes more pain on the sprain. Whenever you wrap, maintain an optimal pressure so that it performs its function well.

By following these steps carefully you can wrap your injured ankle on your own. And it is very important and very useful to treat the injured ankle. If you are thinking about how to put kt tape on your shoulder, the procedure is the same.

Functionality horizon of kt tape

If you are assuming that, how can a tape help in aligning the ligaments and supporting them? It is completely ok because we will tell you the functionality horizon of kt tape. It acts as a supporter to the torn ligaments and tendons of feet in an injury. They provide the required stretch so that the feet can move properly. The outer/lateral ligaments are commonly aligned by taping the ankles.

The taping pattern is the same as the posterior and anterior talofibular ligaments. Both go in the horizontal direction. On the other hand, the calcaneofibular ligament travels almost vertically. Now consider these two ligaments as the two strips of tape and supporting your sprained foot.

Essential you need to tape an ankle

There are some essentials that you need to wrap up your ankle.

The first thing is tape. It is of two types, the athletic tape, and the Kinesio tape. It depends on which one is your need. Kinesio tape is for those who still want an activity with their feet. Back to the field to end the battle.

While the athletic tape is for achieving rigidity and the person’s ankle cannot move comfortably. Along with it, there are some other supporting accessories too. For instance, heel and lace pads, pre wraps, taping base spray, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.       Is kt tape effective for sprained ankles?

It is very beneficial and considered suitable for sprained or injured ankles. It is a great tendency to support foot ligaments that help in mobility.

  1.       What are the risks of using kt tape?

Although there is no risk of taping at all. But if it is not done properly, risks are there. It can damage the tissues. As a result, they get swollen and the circulation will be cut off when it is too tight.

  1.       How does the kt tape stick to our feet?

Kt tape has an adhesive on one of its sides. The side with adhesive material is attached to the foot. It gives warmth to the torn issues. And also help a lot in keeping the alignment of ligaments straight.


Summing up, it is now very clear that instant taping to the sprained or fractured ankle is very beneficial. But the most significant thing is how to put kt tape on the knee or ankle. So follow the guide with full care and you can put yourself in relief instantly.


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