How to see how many people saved your Instagram post?

How to see how many people saved your Instagram post?

Instagram, being one of the most prominent social media sites, allows users to store content to a collection so that they can readily access those posts using the Saved option on Instagram. How to see how many people saved your Instagram post?

If you’re posting a post on Instagram, you might be curious about how many people saved it. If you have a Professional (Business or Creator) Account, you can easily see how many people have saved your article.

If you have a personal account, you cannot track the insights of your postings. To use the Instagram Insights Tool, you must convert your account to a business account.

View the Number of People Who Saved Your Instagram Post

If you have a personal account, you must convert it to a company or creator account first.

Here’s how to go about it:

Ü, Tap the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner of your profile.

ü  Select Account from the drop-down menu.

ü  Scroll to the bottom and select Switch to Professional Account.

ü  Now, a page describing the advantages of a Professional account appears. Tap the Continue button.

ü  Choose a category for your account and then hit Done.

Ü, Choose between Business and Creator as your account type. You may choose any of them.

ü  On the following screen, you may enter your contact information or skip it by selecting Don’t use my contact information at the bottom.

ü  You may either link your Facebook account or leave it out entirely.

ü  By pressing the cross (X) symbol, you may bypass the Set Up Your Professional Account stage.

This completes the conversion of your account to a professional account.

Make a business account on Instagram

If you use Instagram for business, it’s critical to study how a photo or video performs after you publish it. Aside from the number of followers, brands will often inquire about the interactions of your Instagram posts. Instagram has launched several features targeted towards business accounts since being bought by Facebook. You may now change from your Account to your Business Account.

Instagram’s Business Account includes the Insights function, which allows you to learn about the performance of a post. Each post’s details will be displayed, beginning with the number of likes, comments, reach, and impressions. You can also see how many people marked the post.

How to Change Your Instagram Account to a Business Account?

Before you can use Instagram’s Insights function, you must first move from your account to your business account. To do so, access your profile by tapping the person symbol in the bottom-right corner, then hit the three-line icon in the top-right corner. To open the Settings screen, tap the Settings button.

On the Settings page, choose Account, then Switch to Professional Account. There will be two alternatives provided to you. Select the second option (Business) and complete the on-screen instructions.

When you move to a Business Account, the View Insights option will appear every time you open a post on your Instagram profile. Simply hit this button to view the post’s statistics.

The number of likes, comments, and direct messages you have received will be shown at the top of the Insights panel. You may also observe how many people bookmark your content (right-most).

Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow you to determine who saved your post. As a result, you won’t be able to determine who your supporters are. Return to the Accounts page (from the Settings screen) and press the Switch to Personal Account option to return to Personal Account.

How to see how many people saved your Instagram post?

You can view how many times other users have saved your posts after changing your account type and posting a new one.

  • Click to the article where you wish to check the save count.
  • View Insights may be found on the left side of the post.
  • The number of times a post has been saved is represented by the last bookmark icon.

Your post’s save count determines how beneficial the material is to your readers. More saves indicate that your content was enjoyed by the majority of people, who saved it to their collection for future reference.

Who is the person who saved your Instagram posts?

1. Turn on Instagram Insights.

Instagram primarily provides two sorts of accounts: public and private. If you have a professional or company account, all of your Instagram stories, posts, IGTV videos, reels, and other content will be exposed to the public. One of the primary advantages of having a professional account is being able to see how many people saw your profile liked your images, saved your photos, and so on.

Instagram has an insight function that gives you a thorough breakdown of the performance of your posts on the site. Maybe The insight tool is extremely useful for content providers, corporations, and celebrities that wish to track the success of their social media accounts.

Instagram allows users to store almost any post they choose in their Instagram feed without revealing their identity. That means you won’t get notified when someone saves your post, and you won’t be able to see who saved your photos. People can store posts anonymously on the platform.

Your followers can bookmark your posts even if you have a private account. Those who have a private Instagram account will no longer be able to see who saved their posts or how many people saved them. Private accounts do not have access to the insight function.


Even public account users do not have access to the usernames of those who have saved their posts. Because of privacy concerns, Instagram has not made this option available. The social networking platform did not implement such a function only to preserve users’ privacy.

2. Consult Your Fans

The only way you can find out who has saved your post is to ask your Instagram followers. You might directly ask them whether they have your content stored on their feed.

Sending a message to each follower, on the other hand, may be a time-consuming and laborious operation. You should instead attempt the following procedures to see if your followers have saved your content.

v  Using the built-in screenshot tool, locate the post you want to know who saved.

v  Go to your Instagram home page and tap the story button in the top left corner.

v  Put the most recent Instagram screenshot you’ve saved on the story and create a sentence asking your followers who saved the post.

v  When you’re through typing, click Done.

People may or may not respond to your tales, therefore there is no assurance that you will know who saved your photographs. Regrettably, it is the only way to obtain a list of persons who must have saved your posts. Nothing is stopping you from giving it a chance.

Is it possible to find apps that show who saved your Instagram post?

Due to Instagram’s lack of functionality, a slew of applications has emerged to help users who are searching for additional information about their Instagram account. For example, discovering who unfollowed you.

There are no applications that can tell you who saved your Instagram post. The only information that post insights can provide is how many people saved your Instagram post, not who saved your Instagram post, therefore applications cannot use this data. Instagram does not allow applications to access this data from people’s Instagram accounts since it would be a breach of its users’ privacy.

The only method to find out who saved your Instagram post is to ask those who interacted with it or to post on your story asking who saved it.

Best way to save Instagram posts

Well, Instagram is full of stuff that captivates you and makes you want to save it to your collection. However, the question of how to save an Instagram post to your collection arises. You can accomplish this in the following ways:

ü  To begin, you will notice a bookmark-like symbol on the right-hand bottom of every Instagram post.

ü  Simply touch on that symbol, and it will be stored in your collection.

ü  Finally, you may now see the saved posts in the collection from your profile.

Is it possible for someone to notice if you save their Instagram post?

If you are concerned that the individual will discover that you have saved their post. Then don’t be concerned since they won’t be able to obtain any of your personal information if you bookmark a certain article. When a person has a business account, the insight can only show the number of posts that have been saved. The insight is not capable of disclosing any personal information on the people who save the postings.

This is because Instagram, as a famous social networking platform, places a premium on anonymity. The people’s identity, such as their username, is kept private, and no more information is disclosed. So you may store as many photographs as you like without fear of someone discovering them.


To summarize, many of us just know how to save a post. We all want to see our stored photographs which we can utilize later and also know how much people like or save your post. So, we may use those images for ourselves, set them as wallpaper, or give them to a friend.

Furthermore, everything you need to know about saved and how to discover how many people save your Instagram photos is right here. I hope this knowledge is beneficial to you. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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