How to delete a TextNow account?

How to delete a Text Now account?


Text now is a cloud-based mobile carrier that allows its registered customers to call or text to any cell phone number in the globe at low rates.

Furthermore, the website allows users to establish and change their account information. It also allows users to browse a list of plans and gadgets, provide mobile devices with carriers at reasonable costs, obtain unlimited talk time, and send unlimited messages at a fixed fee.

This account lets customers in the United States and Canada make unlimited free calls and messages throughout the nation.

It provides you with unique phone numbers that you may use for free unlimited texting and calling. However, the service is free in the United States and Canada. This also offers certain premium programs that include low-cost fixed-rate calling and texting.

Text now is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. Text now may also be accessed from a computer. So, in my opinion, Text now is an excellent VoIP platform.

Cancelation of Text now account     

Meanwhile, our website visitors fill our inbox with requests for instructions on how to remove their accounts from the Text now website. We discovered that certain people are no longer utilizing the website/app after conducting some study on the subject. This is one of the reasons people wish to remove their accounts, along with others.

However, if you’re canceling this account because of email spamming, you shouldn’t be concerned. When you open the email, we recommend that you label it as spam. You may, however, unsubscribe from their newsletters.

To unsubscribe from their emails, simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email you received. However, if you have another cause for canceling your account, here is a step-by-step guide on how to terminate your account on the website.

Need to delete Text now account

Before we go into “How to Remove a Text now Account,” I want to make you realize the options available to you if you want to delete your Text now account.

The first possibility: As stated in the preceding paragraph, you only need a good internet connection to use Text now, and if you don’t have a strong internet connection, you won’t be able to use Text now correctly. If you have this option, you should delete your Text now account.

The second option: Text now collects and stores your data for security purposes. Text now is a service that provides free VoIP calling and messaging. As a result, Text now gathers user data for security and legal purposes if a user abuses the Text now app.

The third possibility: Text now delivers marketing emails to its users. So, if you want to get free of these sorts of spammed emails, you may cancel your Text now account.

How to delete the Text now account?

You cannot cancel your account for legal reasons; however, you may erase your information from their system or update your account details to make it recognizable.

You cannot now remove your account via the text website. You may, however, delete your data from their database or update your account details to keep it unidentifiable. It’s inconvenient that we can’t remove our Text now accounts, although we can alter our account details or cancel them.

The following are the techniques for erasing personal information and session and call logs from their servers: –

Change your personal information

      Open the text now app and tap on the three straight lines at the top of the page.

      After clicking three straight lines, click the GEAR-like symbol to access the SETTINGS page.

      Change your profile information by clicking the link PROFILE on the Settings page.

Remove information from the server

Your data will be altered to the false data that you have updated using this way. As a result, your privacy issue has been resolved. As a result, this is the best option for answering your question about how to remove a Text now account.

      Open the email account associated with the account.

      Now, write an email and send it to


      Now, send an email requesting that your account details be changed so that it seems to be a dummy account.

Delete text now app from phone

      Start the Text now an app on your Smartphone.

      Logout the Text now

      Remove the Text now app from your phone by uninstalling it.

      Do not use the Text now app when inactive.

If you do not use the app for three days, your assigned number will be erased. This isn’t the end of Text now. However, another option is to temporarily deactivate the account.

Deleting method for the users of premium Text Now account

It will be a little more difficult to remove your Text now account if you have a premium Text now account. You must cancel your Premium subscription before you can deactivate the Text now app. You may still be charged if you remove the Text now app without canceling your Text now membership.

      To cancel your Text now membership, initiate the Text now app first.

      Click to the Account Balance area of Text now’s the main menu.

      Select Manage Subscription from the drop-down menu. You can unsubscribe from the Premium plan from this page.

      You can remove the Text now app once you’ve unsubscribed.

Your phone number will be released in a week after you delete your Text now app, exactly as it would be if you were using a free plan.

An alternative way to delete an account

Although Text now does not enable free users to permanently remove their accounts, the following plan will help you to terminate your Text now account. If you are inactive for at least three days, it is equivalent to canceling your account because no information can be linked back to you.

As with the prior procedure, access your settings and alter all of your personal information first. Then, in the email field, write and immediately click saves. Your next step will begin after the email has been saved.

Finally, under the Settings menu, locate the ‘Security & Login’ option. When you choose ‘Security & Login,’ you will be seeing the ‘log out from all devices’ menu bar. Select the option and confirm that you have logged out of all devices from which you accessed Text now.

After changing information, logging out of devices, and remaining inactive for three days, the account will be treated as if it were terminated. It should be noted, however, that this is not a permanent solution.

To learn more about ‘How to remove Text now account completely,’ speak with a legal law office and ask him to draught you an email requesting Text now to delete your account permanently.

Is data permanently erased after deleting the account?

There is no way to delete all data from Text now. However, I am certain that your email and personal information will be erased using the way described above. However, Text now retains your data for legal purposes and to track usage.

So, there is a means for erasing the data that you have shared on Text now. Simply send an email to with a solid cause for erasing all data.

These are the fundamental steps to deleting your Text now account. If you ever wish to renew your Text now account, just reinstall the Text now app. Once the program is installed, all that remains is to complete the Text now login process.


Although Text now is very convenient, there may be instances when you need to delete your account for unavoidable reasons. If this is the case, we truly hope that the data below about deleting and deactivating your Text now account is useful to you.

Although it is not possible to remove the account permanently from the above-given methods you can deactivate the account with the help of different procedures.

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