How to see who super liked you on Tinder? 

How to see who super liked you on Tinder? 


Tinder can be an easy way to meet new matches. All it takes is a simple swipe right on a user’s profile to instantly say yes, and swipe left on someone else’s profile to immediately say no. As you use Tinder more, you might notice that one of your matches is outlined with a blue star. This means that they’ve Super Liked you, and it’s thrilling! So how do you get to know who is super Liked on tinder

Do you know that now, you can check and see who super liked your profile on Tinder? First, check both your Tinder profile and your up-to-date phone. All Tinder users can Super Like one profile a day, but paid subscribers can do up to 5 Super Likes a day. 

At first glance, it’s difficult to know who liked your profile and who didn’t. But we’ve figured out where to look in the app so you can track down these so-called hidden lists and swipe left or right as your heart desires. 

What is Tinder Super Likes? 

 Super Likes are ways for you to let the people who matter to you know you’re interested. They send a push notification to the other person telling them. Moreover, you are into them, even if profiles haven’t been right next to each other on the app. This helps Tinder singles expand their reach and get more matches. 

And they mean potential matches can see you’ve already put some thought into matching with them. However, only Tinder Plus subscribers can use the feature, and even then, it’s limited to five per month. 

When you match someone on Tinder, it’s usually because you and your match both swiped right on each other. In comparison, Super Liking someone means that you want to be famous among all and get a guaranteed match with that person. In other words, you swipe right for a person who swiped right the profile for his famous one. 

Such tinder-type applications allow you to “like” profiles you think are interesting. Still, Tinder has taken it one step further by giving users the option to “Super Like” a profile. This means that you show extra interest in the person, so their page will move to the top of your potential matches list. 

How do you want to see tinder super likes? 

How do I see who Super Likes me on Tinder? While Tinder recommends that you create a profile picture of your face, some do so as a matter of choice. In any case, this is not a bad idea at all. As the chances of your profile being swiped right for by someone looking to hook up are relatively high. 

 However, if you have been receiving a lot of Super likes and have wanted to know how to tell if someone super likes you on Tinder on your iPhone or Android phone. 

When you’re scrolling through your Tinder app’s cards, you may occasionally see a blue star next to someone’s name or photo. That means someone has Super Liked you, so it is necessary to check it. Even if you’re not a Tinder power user, it’s obvious when someone Super Likes you because a blue star appears next to their name.  

In that case, chances are you’ve probably seen a single user who makes your heart race a little faster or another that makes you feel the exact opposite.  

Maybe you were intrigued by the photos but left scratching your head wondering what to say. Perhaps they were far away or too close by, or maybe there was something else—something indefinable—that made them appealing. And perhaps you thought about swiping right… 

Who super liked you?

Super Likes is a new feature on Tinder. Super Likes allow you to let a potential match know that you’re interested without sending them a message. To receive a Super Like, make sure your profile is as complete as possible and make sure you’ve used at least one of the hashtags we suggest. 

Then simply use the navigation buttons at the bottom of your screen to swipe through all of your different matches. Once you land on a profile that’s outlined with a blue star, tap the profile to view more information about this person. Furthermore, it includes their name and how long they have been using Tinder.  

However, Only Elite and additional Tinder Plus users will be able to see who Super Liked them without swiping into that person’s profile. 

  • Open the app to see super likes 

Open the Tinder app to check who super liked. This Tinder app icon is red/orange. It looks like a flame. Moreover, the title of the app is Tinder. When you open the app, let’s Swipe to see your matches, messages, and more. Click here to log in. Let’s play! Let’s Get Started! Click here to download your super liked everyone on Tinder 

 Want to get super liking without having to talk to people? Now you can start with the Tinder app! Now only do you have fun swiping through matches? But you can’t super like any matches that pique your interest. 

  • Swipe – potential matches 

Well, open tinder and log on to your profile. Next, you will see matches as per your desire. When you’re using Tinder on the go, keeping track of your matches can be tricky.  As soon as you open Tinder, you’ll meet people based around your location.  

A blue-starred profile means that someone has super liked you and that the feeling is mutual. Who likes you on Tinder? With Tinder Super-like, you can see who has already selected you – and make the first move. 

  • Tap the blue star profile 

When someone super likes you, it means they like your looks and want to know if you’re interested in them too. To help you decide which tantalizing people to check out first, Tinder shows the person’s profile surrounded by a blue star outline. 

Tap the blue star profile to see who super liked it. Tap the profile that has a blue star outline to see their profile. You want them on Tinder, to let them know, you need to swipe right.  

Super Liked! We’ll notify you by displaying a blue star next to your profile. If you are already planning your date-night outfit, you can dismiss the Super Like by tapping the blue star. Does this person meet all of your criteria? You can swipe right to say yes or swipe left if not. 


Tinder Gold – let’s View Super Likes 

Tinder Gold is referred to as its premium subscription service. That unlocks six Super Likes per day, one Boost feature, and additional profile controls. Furthermore, with Tinder Gold, you can get all of the Tinder Plus features included in your recent Tinder experience.  

Starting at $14.99 per month, Tinder Gold offers several features for paying users, including Unlimited Likes. Further, 5 Super Likes per day, Rewind feature, premium customer service, and 24/7 profile controls (such as hide or show last active date). 

So, Upgrade to Tinder Gold and get access to Super Likes, a feature that lets you use a Super Like whenever you want. The option to use a Super Like replaces your normal like and makes the person viewing your profile three times more likely to match with you. With the subscription to premium Tinder Gold, you can also see who has liked you. 

Upgrade your Tinder app to a gold version 

Tinder Gold subscription gives you more features in your Tinder app. Tinder Gold has launched with the new Likes You feature, which shows who likes you before swipe. No longer will you have to wonder if that heart is for you ¨C see who it is and decide on a whim whether to like them back. 

The key to success on Tinder is confidence, and knowing how to use Gold can help you boost your odds of attracting a special someone. You don’t have to watch your Super Likes count tick up with your Tinder Gold subscription. With this exciting thing, you can see how many Super Likes you have left. 


Final words 

When you see who’s Super Liked you on Tinder, it’s easy to begin your conversation. Should you be interested in the Super Liked user, swipe right to initiate contact. To prevent any awkwardness if it’s not a match, make sure not to send an automatic “What’s up?” text upon opening the conversation. Instead, send a message saying something like, “Hey there! Just saw you Super Liked me. 

In short, a Tinder Super Like is like a real-world wink. Moreover, it’s a flawlessly executed version of the classic pick-up move that lets you know. That you’re both interested in each other. You can use these five Tinder Super Likes to turn simple beach walks into stunning moonlit strolls, and boring car rides into fun road trips. 








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