Why won’t Instagram let me post multiple photos?

Why won’t Instagram let me post multiple photos?

A fact base overview of Instagram features;

Imagine you get up in the morning; the first thing you will do is check your phone. Of course, not everyone does the same with it, but most people do. Also, many people like to be very active on their social media accounts. And they like to post their morning routine videos and pictures and share them with their followers. In this regard, you will use the feature of Instagram to post more than one picture at a time. Many times it won’t go the way you want. And the users face a common issue. Why won’t Instagram let me post multiple photos pop into your mind? Then you are right on your destination. In this article, we will be putting our insights on to solve this issue for your Instagram account.

Furthermore, you will also get some speedy and easy solutions to this problem. So if this is also your issue and you want a permanent solution to this. Settle down and start reading this very informative article.

We will discuss each section comprehensively to get the desired satisfaction with your Instagram issues. Let us now jump straight into why Instagram multiple photos are not working.

Why won’t Instagram let me post multiple photos?

It is a matter of fact that Instagram is becoming more popular on social media. More and more people are connecting to this app every day to share their thoughts, pictures, videos, and entertainment. The download of the Instagram app is more than the figure of a million, and it means a considerable number of people are using this app.

We are not exaggerating at all, but it is a fact that millions of people need the efficient working of Instagram. Of course, if these people are using this app, there are chances of minimal disturbances in the basic features. Also, it might happen due to any bug or any disruption in the Instagram services. 

No doubt, the users get frustrated many times with this issue. But there could be many reasons for this issue, such as why won’t Instagram let me post multiple photos. For instance, the stopped Instagram service for a particular time, the slow speed, dodgy internet connection, the number of photos you post, etc. 

Although these issues are fixable and you can do it in your hand effortlessly. For that, you need to continue reading this article. 

Next up, we are briefing all the major solutions to fix this problem immediately. Are you interested in knowing all the possible solutions to this issue that Instagram multiple photos failed? If yes, then let’s head towards it.

Unable to post multiple photos on Instagram; Solutions

We will discuss the practical solutions when you cannot post multiple photos on Instagram.

  • Check your internet connection.

In most cases, the main culprit here is the weak internet connection. People may time forget to see their proper internet access. When you upload multiple pictures or a story, you will see an option appearing on the screen, “try again” or “not posted” error.

To avoid this, make sure you have a strong internet connection lying on your device so that it does not restrict you in any way from uploading pictures and videos on your Instagram account.

  1. Turn off the Data Saver option.

On Instagram, there is a data saver option. If you upload too many pictures and videos, your device might get exhausted. In addition to it, the device will automatically start less consumption of the data. As a result, you will see that your multiple pictures are not posted on your Instagram account.

However, if your internet connection is going well, check on some of the following exceptions.

  1. Hold the photo for a few seconds.

Another cause for why can’t I post multiple photos on Instagram can be this. Many people are not aware of this latest update on Instagram. If you are not finding the option to select multiple photo options, it does not mean you cannot upload them at all.

To make it happen, press the first desired photo you want to upload and hold it for a few seconds. Suddenly, you will see that photo highlighted. Now click on as many pictures as you want to upload on your feed.

  1. Wait for Instagram service to resume.

Another reason why won’t Instagram let me post multiple photos is the termination of Instagram services. In some cases, the problem is not at your end. Due to excessive use of the Instagram app, it gets extra load. Hence the overall service stops or some essential functions do not work correctly.

For that, let Instagram fix the problems to its end. So try uploading the photos after a while, and hopefully, you will be able to post them on your account. Still, if you are facing the same error, let us head towards some more related exceptions. 

  • Compact the file size

Instagram allows its users to upload files that are smaller in size. For example, the picture you are uploading must have less than 30MB, and the video should be up to 650 MB. No doubt, this is a pretty good size, but sometimes your edited file size is enormous.

So before uploading the picture, it is good to compress the files. It should be done mainly when you have edited your file from a Photoshop platform. In this way, you will post multiple photos on Instagram.

  1. Clear Cache

The cache will start building up when you keep using the app and do not clean it properly. That might result in inefficient functionality of the app. It is best to maintain the app by clearing the cache to solve this issue.

In Android phones, it can be done in a few steps. First, go to the settings, tap on Apps, and open Instagram. Right on the top, you will see a clear cache option. Go for it, and your Instagram app will start working smoothly. 

  1. Remove the tagged accounts.

We receive app updates from the officials, and in some of the apps, there are bugs. These bugs negatively impact the functionality of the apps. In recent times, there was an issue that does not allow the users to post multiple pictures on their accounts. And this can be due to some tags on your pictures.

Although tags are essential in the Instagram app, try removing all the tags if your pictures are not uploading on the app. By removing these tags, you can easily upload the pictures without getting into any issues related to multiple picture postings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to add more pictures on Instagram

It is straightforward to add more pictures to Instagram at a time. Click on the plus icon on the screen. Select the multiple photos option. If it is not available there, press and hold the pictures to select multiple photos. Now click on the post button. Your photos are now on the feed.

  1. Is it normal that the Instagram service stops?

Sometimes, Instagram service termination happens. It is from the Instagram authorities. However, it starts on its own when the problem fixation process completes.

  1. Did Instagram remove multiple photos?

Generally, it does not happen, but the users might face this problem in some cases. For example, the file size is enormous, or there is anything inappropriate in your posts, etc.; if there is anything illegal, you will get the notification on your Instagram account. Otherwise, check for some of the exceptions mentioned above.


Ending our detailed guide: Why won’t Instagram let me post multiple photos. We have gone through all the main problems with this issue and their possible solutions to fix them efficiently. 

We hope that you have got all the answers about this issue and you are now fixing it quickly without getting panicked. Now it’s time to click some fantastic pictures and record attractive and entertaining videos. And post them on your account for all your lovely followers. 


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