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 100  Bumble Pick Up Lines Are Equal  Funny and Flirty

No doubt, dating online can prove to be both a blessing and a curse at the exact moment. You’ve swiped correctly, and you’ve stolen, they’ve swiped correctly, but what now? Finding the ideal opening message for a Tinder or Bumble chat can seem like a lot of pressure. It’s not a good idea to appear cheesy or as if you’re too eager, and a plain “hey!” is tedious. Here are some hilarious Tinder pickup lines.

A successful Tinder or Bumble Ice breaker usually comes in an unending inquiry or humorous joke that could quickly turn into a great conversation to start. It removes the awkwardness of meeting new people on an online dating site and prepares you to succeed in the Bumble or Tinder-verse!

Are you looking for some inspiration to help you next time you’re swiping across the dating app? Have a look at our top Tinder and Bumble pick-up lines. Try a few of them and take a look at what happens!

Tinder Pick Up Lines

1. Hey, I’m writing an essay on the most exquisite aspects of our lives and wanted to interview you.

2. Are we now getting married?

3. What’s a man like me doing with no number?

4. You seem busy, but do you have any possibility of adding me to your list of tasks?

5. I usually opt for 8’s, but I think I’ll opt for a 10.

6. I’m a newcomer to the city. Can you provide me with directions to your residence?

7. Violets are red, roses are blue Yoda Ich bin, and you can go along with me, won’t you?

8. Are you a bank loan? Since you are interested in my money.

9. Are you French? Because Eiffel for you.

10. (Lime Emoji) It’s my take-away lime. How do you feel?

11. I’m researching significant dates in the history of humankind. Do you want to join me?

12. Are you a believer in the love of your life at first sight, or do you think we should rematch?

13. Do you love bagels? Because you’re bae goals.

14. Oh, you’ve got an animal! Does it mean that I’ll never be able to win that “best cuddler” title?

15. If you could be a fruit, you’d be an apple.

17. I’ve been trying to think of an appropriate psychology-based to use as a pickup line. However, I’m unable to think of an idea.

18. I’d say that you’re the best. However, that might become a lethal discussion…

19. Are you from outer space? Because you’re awe-inspiringly attractive.

Personalize Each Pick-Up Line

21. If you’re a vegetable, you will look like a sweet-cut crumb.

22. A day off Netflix for the entire day. Were you snooping around in the museum or snuggling with me?

23. If you could have any well-known artists (dead and alive) draw your portrait, whom would it be?

24. My mom advised me not to chat with strangers on the internet, but I’ll be a little more generous to you.

25. What is an encircling of people who lift a cheese? A cheesy pickup line.

26. If you’re as adept in cuddling as you are attractive, I’m going to put myself on the waitlist to date.

27. Your photos appeared to be at a 45-degree angle. It seems you’re acute.

28. This is how I would describe you using three emojis. [insert adorable emoticons] Now describe yourself using three Emojis.

29. Are you a fan of wearing fishnets? Because you’re an absolute fisherman

30. Is your email address HTTP? Without you, I’m “://

31. Are you Australian? Since you are in all my Koala-fications.

32. Tell me, what could I say to impress you?

33. The colors of the roses are red, and the violets are blue. How did I become so fortunate to have a color that matches yours?

35. Do you enjoy cheese? Are you interested in sharing share a brie with me?

36. If you had the chance to be dessert, who would you choose to be?

37. Are you a soccer player? You look like a keeper.

38. Favorite drink?

39. Are you aware of what I share and that Little Mermaid? We both would like to be part of your world.

40. Dare or truth?

Funniest Tinder Pick Up Lines for Guys He Can’t Ignore

41. I thought that happiness began by putting an “h,” but I think it’s started with an “u.”

42. Do you prefer coffee or drinks this week?

43. Your profile has stopped me from my feet.

44. Two facts and a lie! Go!

45. Are you a gardener? I like your tulips.

46. What is your favorite thing to do on a Friday night? A) cuddling with your partner and watching Netflix at the fireplace b) the most popular bar in town) dinner party) Will I let you know with a glass of wine?

47. Are you German? I’d like to be a Ger-man!

48. Send me your most loved GIF so I can meet you?

49. Just wanted to tell you that you have a cute smile look on your face.

50. I believe I noticed you there on Spotify. Was the song awarded as the most popular single?

Bumble Pick Up Lines

51. Do you have a laptop? Because you’re hot, and I’m worried.

52. If you could play any fictional character from comic books, which could you become?

53. Are you a candidate for the COVID vaccine? Since I will never refuse you.

55. Are your parents’ bakers? They certainly made a cutie pie.

56. You’re boiling. And I’m so happy that we have a match.

57. Are you on Instagram? My mom always encouraged me to chase my dreams.

58. We’re a match! Is that a sign that you’re planning to visit my house tonight? Or do we need to meet to establish that we’re not serial killers or living with our parents first?

59. Did you get caught in an avalanche of sugar? You’re looking super sweet.

60. First, dinner. Or do we just go straight to dessert?

61. I’m sure I have a clue what the date of your birth date is. October 10. Because you’re a 10/10.

62. You look like trouble. I like this.

64. I first noticed that I had gotten up and thought that today was just another boring Monday, but then I came across your photo on my phone.

65. On a scale of 1 up to the United States of America, what is your cost for drinks tonight?

66. Is this your appendix? Because that feeling I feel in my stomach makes me feel like I need to get you out.

67. What about dinner or brunch?

68. Are you made from tellurium and copper? Because you’re CuTe.

69. I’ve just purchased kiss-proof lipstick, and I require a lab companion to evaluate the lipstick claims. Are you interested?

70. Titanic. This is my Icebreaker. What’s up?

Great cheesy pick-up lines

71. I’m shocked that we’ve been with for just a few minutes and haven’t yet exchanged numbers.

72. Are you a carbon sample? Since I’d like to know when you for this week’s drinks?

73. Did you do something that hurt my eyes? Since I’m unable to get your eyes off.

74. On a scale of 1-10, You’re a nine, and I’m the one you’ll require.

75. Are pancakes or waffles better? I’d like to know what you prefer for breakfast.

76. Please excuse me, do you have a bandage? Since I injured my knee and fell on you.

77. Your eyes are stunning, and I wanted to let you know.

78. Is your square root the same as 1? You can’t possibly be real!

79. I was about to give up on Bumble until I came across your profile.

80. Would you like to have your picture to show Santa what I’d like to get for Christmas?

81. I’m afraid my phone has gone out of service. It keeps telling me that it does not have your number.

82. What is your definition of an enjoyable weekend?

83. Please don’t give me your name. I’ve decided to call you my own.

84. If you’re as adept in cuddling as you are attractive, I’m going to put myself on the waitlist to be an evening with you.

85. I’m not good at cooking lasagna, but I can cook delicious lasagna.

More funny pick up lines

86. If I could reorder an alphabet to make it easier, I’d join You as well as I.

87. Avocado on toast or extra guacamole on your taco?

88. You’re gorgeous, and you’ve made me forget my favorite line of pickup.

89. Do we need to mix things with dessert and have it before dinner?

90. Important question: pizza or tacos?

91. If you were anyplace in the globe doing whatever you want currently, Where would you be, and what would be your plan?

92. What’s the one place you’ve not yet visited that you should go to before you die?

93. You’re better than 3.14. Did you hear that I got the win in the pickup line contest?

94. If you could be any animal on earth, What would you be, and what would you be?

95. The top three things you can do on the weekend?

96. Better discovery: Netflix or avocados?

97. If beauty was time and you were forever.

98. Pick a dream job such as pizza critic or puppy photographer?

99. You appear to enjoy the thrill of a good adventure! What’s one of the most memorable ones you’ve experienced so far?

100. Do I have access to access your Netflix password?


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