How to add videos to tiktok after recording?

How to add videos to TikTok after recording?

A complete guide and overview about TikTok videos;

Tiktok is a big attraction for today’s generation.No doubt,  it has not won the hearts of youngsters but adults and children are also involved in it. And they enjoy using the app and making videos on it. There are numerous filters and effects that one can add to their videos. 

Hence, these will make them more eye-catchy and your followers will automatically like them. If you are new to this app and do not know much about creating and uploading the videos here. So, we are presenting a complete informational guide for you.

Here we will elaborate on the full-fledged procedure of how to add videos to TikTok after recording? So be with us and we will get you through about the app and the uploading procedure in detail. Additionally, we will learn about how to add different filters and effects to the videos. So do not miss a section, let’s get into it without any delay.

How to add videos to TikTok after recording?

The procedure is pretty simple and one can upload the videos in a few seconds. Tiktok allows the users to record the videos in the app as well. If you open the app, you will see the ‘’+’’icon. Tap on it, there a recording screen will appear. Along with it, there are several options there to record the video.

If you have already recorded your video, you can directly upload it. But before that, you can add different and very unique filters and effects into your video.

Adding effects

For adding effects click on the ‘’Effect ‘’ option at the left bottom of the screen. After tapping on it, you will see a series of wonderful effects. You can apply any of them that looks good on your video. After that save the video.

Adding filters

Similarly, there are filters that you can put on the video. Tiktok offers a long list of filters to the users that they can apply on a video. After you are satisfied with all the changes, click on the ‘’save the video’’ option. Finally, your video will be saved successfully.

Adding sound

If your video does not have sound, TikTok also offers to add sound effects to your video. There are two options for the user, one can add songs from the phone. And the other one, you can add the most trendy music over the TikTok as well.

Editing the video

If your video is too long and you want to trim it. You can easily edit your video and set it to an appropriate length. This can be done by setting the rectangular section on the video immediately.

Adding a caption

The Tiktok app also allows users to add captions under their videos. It is the same way you add captions to your pictures on other apps. Adding a caption is also a good way to communicate with your followers. Furthermore, it adds an attractive glance to your video. Create some fantastic captions or you can also add a quote or an eye-catchy line.

Posting the video

Finally, comes the most awaited step, now your video is ready to upload. Save all the changes that you have made and click on the upload option. It will take a few seconds to be on your profile. Now all your followers can see and enjoy your videos.

Get your video on the ‘’For You’’ page

Everyone wants to get fame and wants their video on the ‘’For You’’ page. People always think that it is very difficult but it is very easy in reality. There are certain steps that you need to ensure to get the video on the ‘’For You’’ page.

  •         It is appropriate to record the video on the app.
  •         Use suitable effects and filters.
  •         Trim the video to the required time by dragging the rectangle.
  •         Add relevant sounds and add an interesting caption.
  •         Use appropriate hashtags, it will take your video among the trending ones.

Assurance of account safety

A lot of users are facing this problem that their accounts get hacked. In this regard, the safety of your TikTok account is very crucial. This is necessary because your account has all your videos along with your personal information. The hacker can easily misuse your personal information. To prevent all this fuss, the users must take some precautionary steps.

Use a strong password and avoid logging in to your account from different devices. Avoid saving your password, this also increases the risk of hacking your TikTok account. Make sure to enable dual-authentication, as it is very helpful in securing your account.

Settings for TikTok profile

The default settings are quite good and for most of the users, it is suitable too. But if you want to change the settings follow the simple steps and you can change them right according to your preferences.

Privacy settings

      Privacy settings include the following list; these can be different for every video on your profile.

      Disabling the comments of other users on your videos.

      Enabling the comment filter.

      Enable or disable duets and stitch features.

      Block the users that you no longer want on your profile.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we upload pictures on TikTok?

Indeed, TikTok is a platform that allows users to upload their videos. One cannot post pictures on their TikTok profile. But there is also a very amazing feature in the TikTok app. Moreover, with this feature, you can combine your favorite pictures and make a video of them. Now you can upload it on your profile.

  • How can we delete a video from the TikTok profile?

The user can also delete any of their videos on their profile. Open the desired video that you want to delete. There you will see three dots. Click on them and the delete option will appear. Delete the video and it will no longer be on your profile.

  • What if we want to upload a video from the gallery?

Yes, you can upload a video from your gallery. Tap on the ‘’+’’ icon in the center of the screen. There you will see another option named upload. Clicking on it, one can upload already recorded and saved video from your gallery.

  • Are videos saved in my TikTok profile?

Do not worry at all, your videos are saved in your TikTok account once you have uploaded them. They will stay there until or unless your account gets deleted or hacked. 

  • How many videos can we upload at a time?

Once your videos are ready to upload on your account, you can upload as many as you want. Select the desired videos that you want to upload. Now click on ‘’Next’’ and do editing. Now save them and tap on upload.


In conclusion, TikTok has taken the top position among the other entertainment apps. And the main reason behind it, this app is for everyone. People of all age groups can find stuff that is according to their interests.

Moreover, there are no major restrictions to the users on profile. You can upload every type of content, informative, educational, sports, entertainment, comedy, etc. Now you are familiar with how to add videos to TikTok after recording. So get up and start making your videos. Upload them on your TikTok profile and entertain people.  

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