What happens when someone calls you on airplane mode?

What happens when someone calls you on airplane mode? 


An ultimate fact overview about the airplane access;

Airplane mode is an incredibly useful feature present in almost all digital devices. The airplane mode successfully disables all the wireless transmissions. It also includes radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and even incoming calls.

The most frequently asked question about this incredible feature is; what happens when someone calls you on airplane mode? We are here to clear all your queries regarding airplane mode. You can see airplane mode on all the devices, and it has a very important facilitating role.

At the emergence of technology, there was no advanced technology. various new features are available with the progress in the world of technology. And airplane mode is one of them. Before hitting our main subject, let’s get a brief overview of this feature in our mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices.

What happens when someone calls you on airplane mode?

When your device is on airplane mode, all the wireless connections cannot connect. The answer to this question differs from region to region. For instance, the person sitting in one region has completely different scenarios than the other. The most common things that happen to almost all the devices when they are in airplane mode are as follows;

  •       Case no 1; The person you are calling is unreachable.

In this case, the airplane mode will not allow any calls on the device. The bell will ring for a particular extended time. But you will not get anyone’s answer. On the other hand, the line will automatically disconnect and hear the automated notification. Saying that the person you are trying to call is busy at the moment or is unreachable.

  •       Case no 2; The person you are trying to connect with is on another call.

There is an option of call activation mode in digital devices.  If the user has activated this mode and the other person is trying to call you. He will listen, “the person you are trying to call is on another call. Try again later”. 

When the call waiting feature is on, the person can pick up the call in this scenario. There is still a connection available when the phone is down.

  •       Case no 3; The number you call is currently switched off.

It is the most commonly and frequently heard notification that is heard when the airplane mode is activated. We know that the SIM cannot catch any signals in airplane mode. So it is an automated/default message that the device is switched off; please try again later.

It sends the written message automatically when the person’s device is off. It varies from the device type and model.

General perspective

When enabled, airplane mode does not allow any calls on the device because the cellular connection is completely cut-off. Moreover, you will not receive any notification after changing the airplane mode setting. 

Functionality Horizon

Because airplane mode is only usable when you are on an aircraft. So, it is not true at all. Airplane mode is equally important and people use it even if they aren’t flying. It efficiently offers a very speedy way to extend the battery life of devices. As all the wireless connections and transmissions are cut off. In this way, the battery consumption is minimized. Four major wireless transmissions/communication ways are disabled while a person turns on the airplane mode on the device

  •       WIFICellular data
  •       Radio signals  
  •       Bluetooth
  •       GPS


After switching on the airplane setting, your device will stop scanning WIFI signals in the surrounding area. If your device already has a connection to any modem/Wi-Fi device. It will disconnect automatically. 

Cellular data

Cell towers throw signals that our mobile phones and other devices catch. When the airplane mode is on, you won’t be able to communicate with anyone. The person cannot send any text message, voice call, or anything that requires cellular or mobile data.

Radio signals

Radio signals are also cut off totally as they are also wireless signals. And when the airplane mode is on, the radio signals are stopped instantly. 


Bluetooth is another way of wireless communication, transmitting files and information. Also, people use it to connect their handsets, keyboard, and mic. The airplane mode quickly disrupts all the Bluetooth signals of your device.


Most commonly, GPS does not work when airplane mode is on. But here is a little contradiction. Some devices do not affect the functioning of airplane mode. In most cases, the aircraft staff instructs the people to switch off their mobiles on the airplane to avoid inconvenience.

It is a brief overview of the airplane mode, and let’s get on with the main query, for which we are up to the task of writing. 

Significance of airplane mode

Airplane mode in devices has crucial importance. And this can be estimated that there are proper instructions regarding it in almost all the aircraft. Just after you have sat on your seat, you will hear the announcement about switching off your devices. Or activating the airplane mode. The travelers need to activate their airplane mode before the airplane takes off until it lands. 

There might be a question of how our devices are related to this aspect. So we are highlighting this aspect for you. Airplanes are tremendously sensitive when they are in the air. There is a connection to different servers on the land and numerous satellites in space. All the airliners have extremely active sensors affected by the radio signals.

These signals have a strong potential to interfere and impact the telemetry of the aircraft. And this will ultimately lead to disturbance and risk the lives of hundreds of people. So it is advisable to switch off your device or activate airplane mode to avoid all kinds of risks.


Technology is emerging, and advancements are taking humans to another world. There are several features in our devices that are greatly helpful to us. The airplane mode saves us from all the risks of wireless connections on the airplane. 

Along with it, the airplane mode, when activated, will also keep the battery consumption low. And the cellular data is also not used by the apps in the devices. 

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